Is Huntington Forever “Chasing Jose”?

There’s a post I saw today over at Rumbunter that had to do with the stark similarities between the Pedro Alvarez situation and the Jose Bautista situation from years past. As we all know how that trade ended up for us, its certainly plausible to make comparisons to each’s situation. For instance both play 3rd base, however Jose was more of an outfielder by my standards, and he’s certainly proven that since travelling north of the boarder. Both have/had (in Jose’s case) a long swing with huge power potential. Hopefully however we won’t make the same mistake with Pedro that we did with Jose.

That’s it, I said it, the first time in history I’ve admitted we messed up with Jose by trading him. Until this point I’ve attributed it to the hitting coaches in Toronto and the extreme hitters park he plays in for half of the season. I was a firm believer in the fact that at the time, the trade we made for Bautista was plausible, we got a catcher, which we needed in the system in Robinson Diaz. Sadly for us however, Toronto had what it took coaching wise to change his long swing and turn it into a power hitters stroke in 2 years time. It wasn’t the first time Toronto revived the career of a player who turned into a huge superstar (a la Roy Halladay), but honestly who’s saying we couldn’t do the same?

And that’s probably what eats at Neal the most when it comes to this situation, is he really forever chasing Jose? Every GM has had a questionable move, or two, in their career that can always be remembered. Whether its the Phillies trading Ryne Sandberg or the Portland Trail Blazers taking Sam Bowie, a GM will always have their day when they just make the wrong move. For Neal Huntington, that day was the day he traded Jose Bautista. 

Now when I say he’s “Chasing Jose” that doesn’t mean that he’s going to go trade for Jose Bautista and make things better, because doing that, won’t put the organization anywhere but backwards at this point with the rebuilding they’ve done. I mean that he’s forever going to try to never do that again. Pedro is just that prime example for him that he can’t make the same mistake twice can he? I doubt Huntington will just give in to a “rubbernecker” fan’s wants by trading a player who at only age 25 is considered a bust? Now Pedro hasn’t been testing positive for PED’s or illegal drugs, so it’s not fair  to give a player who is 7 games over a full major league season that relegation.

To put into comparison, Jose Bautista had only played in 75 games to that point in his career. and was basically a .200 career hitter, in comparison Pedro was basically a .200 hitter at the 50-75 career game mark as he finished his first full season hitting .256/.326/.461/, that is if you compare their careers at the same point of career games, the difference being Jose played 64 games of that 75 as a 23 year old, Pedro played all 75 as a 23 year old.

This is why Pedro is continuously getting chances at the major league level, I really don’t think Huntington wants to go down this weary road again by trading Pedro at this point, or even using his last option and sending him to AAA Indianapolis. Sure the fans want to give up on Pedro, its natural, it happened 5 years ago with Jose Bautista. Huntington hasn’t forgotten his ways, the fans haven’t let him either, but its the same fans that want the same with Pedro.


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